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About Rental Advisors

I started this company in 2005 in Houston, Texas with one market. In 2011, we grew to 10 markets and launched the National Association of Apartment Locators. In 2016, we changed our business model to focus on data feeds. In 2021, we expanded to 34 markets. In 2023, we acheived $1M+ in revenue by selling national data feeds to companies who sell to renters.


"I've been working with Jodi since 2011. She demonstrates a deep understanding of how to use apartment data to generate and convert leads from my website. I'm impressed with the data feed integration and the positive affect on my SEO. It streamlines the front-end search experience for my clients, and reduces the time it takes to create an apartment list on the back-end. This technology has undoubtedly set my business apart in the competitive locating industry."
David Moore @ David The Locator
"I contacted Jodi in 2021 needing locating software in Charlotte, NC. A guy built a database for me many years ago, but it no longer worked and keeping it updated was a nightmare. In less than 4 weeks, Jodi designed a working database with every apartment in Charlotte. She responds to our changes quickly, she's passionate about helping people, and she has an idea or solution for everything. Collaborating with Jodi is a game changer."
Cheryl Murphy @ Click Pack Move
"We've been working with Jodi since 2019. We had an aggressive business plan for our locating business in Denver but we couldn't find a data provider that could scale with us. Jodi not only delivered the data we needed but has valuable expertise in the apartment locating industry. She is a goldmine of information and our collaboration with Jodi helped us become profitable faster. She doesn't have a one-size-fits-all mentality. She believes in creating the right solution at all costs. I love not being put in a box."
John @ Rent Flare

Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions from apartment locators

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. It’s used by real estate professionals to display property listings on their websites. It allows agents and brokers to showcase a comprehensive inventory of apartments to leads and contacts. An IDX enhances the user experience, facilitates property searches, and helps locators generate leads through their online platforms.

We purchase data feeds from property management software compaies and we built our own proprietary system to pull data directly from the apartment community websites.

We import data every night at midnight. All of our products are updated in real time. We cannot control how often the property updates their rent but everytime it is updated, our database is updated.

Our Locator IDX can be used by any locator in any of our 34 markets to create apartment lists and share them with your clients. It’s a fully functioning CRM with email automation written specifically for apartment locators. However, at this time the only markets with commissions are Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio. All other markets you will need to enter the commission rate yourself that you have negotiated with each property. Outside of Texas, properties require locators to negotiate your own commission and we don’t have a public database to pull commissions from.

We have over 14,000 apartments in our database. We include every apartment that is Class B or higher. Most properties have 100+ units. New A+ properties are added even if they have less than 50 units. If we are missing a property you need, we can add it easily.

No. You can submit a request for us to add an apartment to the database. We do not include private rental homes or homes on the MLS. We only include multi-family apartment communities. 

Quarterly. Usually after the property has launched a website.

No. Our data does not include availability. Only the leasing office can predict availability for a renters specific move date. Property owners will never grant real estate agents access to availability.

It means when the data changes in our database, it also changes in our products. The price on your apartment lists change automatically so your clients always see the most recent price. The apartment map, data feed, and CRM always displays the most recent data. 

Unfortunately, property managers do not enter their commission rate in a public data feed so there is no way to mass update commissions. Commissions are the most challenging piece of data we collect. We email the property with a free link to update their commission. Each locator can update the commission rate from the CRM. The National Association of Apartment Locators has a free commission database where properties can update their commission online.

Our goal is to update commissions monthly. Unfortunately, commissions can’t be updated electronically so we can’t guarantee it. Some properties never change their commission and some properties update frequently through our free online portal. Luckily, some locators update the commission through their CRM and we work with the National Association of Apartment Locators to regularly email properties asking to confirm their commission. When you use our CRM to create an apartment list, we actively ask those properties to confirm their commission since the best time to ask is when a locator has a pending referral.

Only in the (4) Texas markets do we know if they work with locators or not. If you purchase one of our databases outside of Texas, you can enter the commissions yourself privately into your database.

Yes. For $5/lead you can pick properties from your IDX and publish apartment listings on national rental websites. The cost is $250 per 50 leads and includes our email auto-responder CRM.

Whether a property accepts broken leases or evictions is not included in the data feeds we puchase. Therefore, we don’t have that data point in our software. However, you can add that information manually. When you purchase a database, you can make many manual changes with private notes or crowdsourcing.

A Brand You Can Trust



Jodi is one of the most innovative and creative minds in the locating industry. She works hard so my business works effectively and efficiently. Her attention to detail is impressive. She takes the time to explain the best ways to reduce my work load but increase revenue. She is trustworthy, committed and does exactly what she says she is going to do. My website is an online lead funnel that generates leads consistently.
Sarah Graff @ Apartment Mart Minneapolis
I feel very empowered by the CRM we created. I am hopeful and excited about 2023! The automation helped me streamline my tasks & provide my clients with an interactive experience. Your advice & skill helped me close more deals each month & become the apartment locator I always knew I was but I just didn't have the systems to make it happen. Never lose your passion to help others and your amazing work ethic and expertise is truly a gift to the locating industry.
Shae Hatter @ Dallas Apartment Finders
To say that Rental Advisors and Jodi Southwick are the "wind beneath my wings" sounds corny, but it's true. I do extremely well finding people rentals in Houston area but I am not an internet guru or social media expert. Jodi is both of those things, and so much more. I can easily attribute 1/3 of my annual revenue back to Jodi's efforts. She is the secret ingredient in my business recipe!
Ty Counts @ Apartment World

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