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Tips To Hire A Quality Website Developer


We can set up a WordPress website faster than any other developer because no one knows our data and our products better than us. Put your mind at ease knowing our professionals can set up and install your WordPress theme, connect and import our data feed, and populate your apartment listings with zero mistakes. 

We can set up future runs of the data feed automatically for free so your website listings are always up to date. Keeping your listings updated each week is one of the fastest ways to boost SEO.

  • The fastest way to set up our data feed on your website without costly mistakes.
  • Ensure the licensing agreement is followed and avoid penalties.
  • We set up an automated weekly schedule to run the data feed and boost your SEO for free using our software key ($20/mo value).
  • Premium support from our team to validate your data feed and troubleshoot any future issues.



Locator IDX includes a turn-key web page. Simply upload a logo and headshot and it's ready to go!

Included in subscription, no extra cost.

Apartment map, IDX contact form, and data feed installed.


DIY website builder with simple drag and drop design tools like Wix, GoDaddy, or Placester.

$15 – $45/mo but you never own the site.

Apartment map & IDX contact form can be installed.


Custom theme's designed specifically for real estate with unlimited integrations. Long term growth potential.

$1,000+ investment, you own the site no monthly fee’s.

Apartment map, IDX contact form, and data feed can be installed.


Since 2016, I’ve built 75-100 apartment locating websites. Many times locators hire me AFTER another company was unable to deliver and took their money. Developers are famous for giving a low quote to gain your business, but when they realize they’ve underestimated the work they either ask for more money or just stop returning your calls. Unfortunately you never get your money back.

Interview Questions

What to ask before you hire a designer or developer

Please do your due diligence and ask lots of questions before you hire a developer to install your data feed or build a website. Hiring a developer should be a job interview. Make sure the developer can give you real estate websites they have done in the past and ask the developer for a reference at each website. Ask what kind of data feed they installed on their previous work. XML, JSON, Excel, CSV, or was it a residential MLS? Importing our XML data feed is more complicated than importing an Excel spreadsheet. If they have worked with XML or JSON in the past, they probably have the proper skill set. Ask the developer if they have ever used WP All Import and WordPress.

  • Be very wary about overseas developers.
  • Which real estate themes have they worked with previously? Wanting a theme they aren’t familiar with can create massive delays.
  • How many real estate sites have they designed?
  • Have they previously imported an XML data feed or spreadsheet using the plug-in WP All Import?
  • If so, ask the domain name and look at it online. If not, I would pass.
  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • Ask for at least three referrals from real estate clients and call/email all of them. Don’t take the developers word for it.
  • Ask for a money back guarantee if the site isn’t complete by an agreed upon date.

Estimated Cost

The most expensive mistake is to hire the wrong developer.


There are two categories of website builders; designers and developers. Designers are capable of the look and feel and writing the content. Designers are easy to hire on Fivre as they list their technical experience, previous work, and reviews from previous clients on their profile.

Designer tasks include:

  • Set up WordPress and install the theme.
  • Set up the navigation to your core pages home, about, contact.
  • Set up our IDX apartment map on your site.
  • Set up our IDX contact forms to capture leads.
  • Create a page naming structure to maximize SEO.
  • Perform basic keyword research to rank locally.
  • Some designers include the cost of writing the content of your core pages in their fee and some charge extra for copywriting.

The cost of a designer could range from $500 – $2,000 depending on how much content they are writing. If you’re using a theme, the basic look and feel should already be done so the designer is just adding your logo, branding and content. A designer is not going to perform any technical tasks.


If your website requires integrating with third party services like our IDX Data Feed or your CRM, you will need a developer with a greater skill set than a designer. If your desired website theme has searchable property listings like the Houzez theme and you are using our IDX Data Feed service to populate the listings, your developer will need a highly technical background and expect to pay $75 – $100 an hour. You don’t want to pay a developer to be their guinea pig to learn a new skill. 

  • Building a searchable apartment locating website that will rank with local SEO is highly technical and should not be underestimated.
  • I’ve built 100+ locating websites so I know it will take the average developer 100 – 130 hours to understand and execute the project to completion. Keep in mind 99.9% of developers have never heard of an apartment locator.
  • Be prepared to invest $7,500 – $10,000 and three to four months of work into a website that resembles apartments.com.
  • The developer should include a page naming structure to maximize SEO. No matter how well your site is built, if SEO elements are not included it won’t rank on Google.


These are the real estate WordPress theme’s we use for apartment locators. They work well with our data feed and apartment property listings. We have fully researched these theme’s and believe they offer maximum features, flexibility, and search functionality. Each can be customized with your branding, and match your preferred look and feel.

Large selection of pre-built websites. Launch your real estate website in minutes. This theme is integrated with service like a CRM for real estate agents, lead generation, website management and more. Learn more on their website.

Offers limitless customizations and functionality. Hundreds of out of the box listing templates for you to choose from. More built in plugins than most theme’s but also requires someone with moderate technical/design skills to customize.

HomePress is IDX Integrated Real Estate Theme for Realtor, Broker, Real Estate Agent & Apartment Locator. This theme covers all aspects: tailor-made layouts, super customizable, customer first approach & Elementor page builder.

Tips before purchasing a theme

There are a million real estate WordPress themes but all real estate themes are not created equal. If a theme is not built with a secure foundation it can be vulnerable to malware and hacking. Buying your theme from the Themeforest.net platform offers reviews and support before you buy.

Theme Research

  • How many copies of the theme have been sold? I prefer over 1,000 sales.
  • When was the theme published? I prefer longer than a year so you aren’t using the first version of a theme.
  • What rating does the theme and developer have on the platform?
  • Read the most recent reviews. Some times a great theme will get negative reviews after the latest update. Make sure the theme is consistently good quality.
  • Read the comments. Are they mostly positive?
  • Does the developer respond in a timely manner?
I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional technical skills in seamlessly integrating my apartment locating website with the apartment data feed provided by Locator IDX. The implementation not only streamlined the property search process for our clients but also significantly enhanced the overall user experience. Jodi demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of real estate data integration, ensuring that our website remains up-to-date with the latest listings. This technology has undoubtedly set my business apart, and I am grateful that it elevates our online presence in the competitive locating industry. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the success of my apartment locating business.
LaTressa Bagby
Apartments by Ebby Halladay


Establish Professional Credibility

An online hub to showcase your expertise, experience, and portfolio. Build credibility and trust by adding searchable apartment listings with Locator IDX.

Increased Visibility and Reach

Expand the reach of your apartment locating business beyond traditional networking. Reach a wider audience of prospects who actively search for apartments on the internet.

24/7 Accessibility

Convenient access to information about your services, listings, and contact details at any time. This 24/7 accessibility allows potential customers to engate with your apartment inventory when it's most convenient for them.

Showcase Apartment Listings

The Locator IDX displays apartment listings on your website to create a centralized platform for clients to explore available apartments.

Effective Marketing Tool

Implementing digital marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media integration, can attract a steady flow of potential clients.

Client Relationship Management

A website allows you to efficiently manage client inquiries, provide apartment availability, and deliver valuable information, enhancing overall client satisfaction and retention. Client inquires are saved to your IDX so you can easily search and send matching apartments.

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