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Real Time Lists

Manually change the bed, bath, square feet, and rent on any floor plan on any list.

Real Time Pricing

Prices automatically change on your lists when the price changes in our database.

Real Time Commission

Commissions can be changed by the manager, locators, and our staff.

Custom Layouts

Choose from multiple list designs or design your own custom layout.

Updated Weekly

Properties with more views are updated more frequently.

Real Time Data Feed

Properties are automatically added when they match your criteria (or removed when they don't match).

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken some of the most common questions and laid them out for you

Locator friendly properties are updated at least once a week. We give each property a score based on number of views. Properties with a higher score are updated 2-3 times a week. 

We update our database electronically through our proprietary network of data feeds, data share with other data providers, and property management software subscriptions.

More accurate than any other locating database! You can compare our data to the price posted on the property website and it will match the weekly price within $50.

If you select the “real time pricing” option on your apartment lists, the price will automatically change on your lists when the price changes in our database. Every time your client opens the list, the accurate price is displayed. You can override the price manually if you’ve called and confirmed availability.

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