Online Leads & Listing Syndication

Easily publish apartment listings to national rental websites and generate high-quality online leads. Our comprehensive platform streamlines the process of reaching a broader audience by strategically placing your listings on popular rental websites like and

"Our premier online advertising service tailored for apartment locating professionals"

Easy Listing Syndication

Utilizing our apartment MLS to publish apartment listings to national rental websites significantly expands your reach, ensuring exposure to a vast audience of local potential tenants.

  1. Pick your properties from our apartment MLS.
  2. Legally compliant and follow all real estate advertising rules.
  3. We publish a listing for the studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom floor plan at every property you pick.
  4. Our data feed keeps the rent price up-to-date on your listings.
  5. Every incoming lead has a phone number and email address.
  6. We don’t sell the same lead to more than one locator. Duplicates are deleted.
  7. 50 leads cost $250 ($5 per lead). Cancel at any time.
  8. If you subscribe to our IDX you can turn on our email auto-responder otherwise you can forward the leads to your CRM.

Effortless Listing Management

  • Our platform is programmed to automatically pull information from the IDX at regular intervals.
  • This ensures that the listings displayed on the rental websites are always current and reflect any changes or additions in real time.
  • By keeping your listings up to date with our IDX, it ensures that potential renters have access to the most current information.
  • The platform synchronizes with the IDX to retrieve new listings, update existing ones, and remove any listings that have been removed by the locator.
  • This synchronization process helps maintain the integrity of the listings and ensures consistency across platforms.

Targeted Marketing

  • Our platform offers advanced targeting options, allowing you to reach specific demographics, locations, and preferences, ensuring your listings are seen by the most relevant renters for maximum lead generation.
  • Pick properties from the list on Locator IDX so you only pay for leads on properties you choose.
  • Every lead includes a phone number and an email address.
  • We don’t sell the same lead to multiple locators. We discard leads with the same email address if it’s already in the system and assigned to another locator.

Cost Effective Solution

  • Purchase 50 leads for $250 ($5/lead)
  • Every lead has a phone number and email address.
  • Duplicate leads are deleted, we don’t sell the same lead to multiple locators.
  • Forward lead information to any CRM.
  • If you subscribe to our IDX you can turn on our email auto-responder to nurture leads automatically.
  • The average ROI is $3,000 – $3,300 on a $250 investment in 50 leads. (This is NOT monthly, but over the life span of 50 leads which varies by locator depending on how many properties you pick).

Legally Compliant

  • The agent name, broker name, contact information and license number is published on every listing.
  • It is clearly stated you are a real estate agent and not posing as the apartment community.
  • The name of the property is not published but the address is required. These are not ghost listings; they are actual apartment communities with true and accurate available units for rent.
  • The studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom rent is updated daily.

Pick your properties once, advertise on multiple national rental websites!

Online leads create steady income in addition to my repeat and referral clients. On average, I am able to get about 80% of Jodi's online leads into giving my service a chance, and approximately 15-20% of those leads into leases. I've been buying Jodi's leads for 3+ years. She's the best in the business!

How To Pick Your Properties

Use a reputable website like ZipRecruiter to determine the average salary in your city. Calculate three times the rent into an average salary range to determine the rent most people can afford.

Annual SalaryMonthly SalaryRent Range

After you determine the rent range most people can qualify for in your city, enter the minimum rent into Locator IDX to find properties in area’s that pay a competitive commission. It’s a delicate balance between picking properties people can afford in area’s that pay commissions. 


  • Pick more properties than you think you need, you can always scale back.
  • You won’t get leads at every property you pick. Some properties will generate a lot of leads but many properties won’t generate any.
  • If the property is paying for a marketing package on any given website, they will always receive the lead first.
  • The best apartments are listed 20+ times because everyone wants leads from the same high-end apartments in the most popular zip codes.
  • There are only so many leads to go around so decides who gets a lead for a specific address.
  • If the management company/property owner is paying for leads, the manager will receive every lead for their address. A third-party will never get a lead for their property as long as the manager is paying for leads. The priority is always the verified property owner.
  • Every real estate agent/apartment locator publishing listings on is listing the same apartments which is why Texas is THE MOST competitive market to generate apartment leads.
  • Every apartment locator wants high-end leads at the best apartments in the best zip codes. 
  • Don’t get too caught up in the specific property a lead responds too. 99% of the time they don’t rent at that property anyway due to availability on their move date.
  • Online leads are much different than any other kind of lead. You will need an aggressive sales pitch and persistent follow up strategy to convert online leads.
  • Research the average salary in your city and calculate how much most people make monthly. Then divide that by three to figure out the rent most people can qualify and be approved.
  • The result of your calculations is going to be most of the leads you receive.
  • The fact is average people can afford an average apartment. Online leads are generally average people.
  • There is no way to improve this statistic with online leads. The majority of generating leads online is out of your control.
  • Online leads should only be one part of your lead generating strategy. You should have multiple lead sources that generate a low, average, and high-end potential clients.

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