Real-Time Apartment Search: Empower Visitors with our Search Form

Realtors have long benefited from searchable MLS features on their websites, recognizing that enabling users to explore properties in real-time generates more leads. We designed the Locator IDX because in today’s competitive market, providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience through searchable apartment listings is not just a convenience but a necessity for driving business growth and staying ahead of your competitors.

Empowering website visitors to search apartment inventory online in real-time, generates significantly more leads compared to relying solely on a static and generic contact form.

Generate Leads 24/7 When It's Convenient For Your Customers

  • By simply filling out our IDX Search Form your website visitors will see your apartment inventory instantly online. This allows you to generate leads when it’s convenient for your customers 24/7.
  • Empowering your website visitors to search apartment inventory online in real-time generates significantly more leads compared to a static or generic contact form.
  • The act of searching for properties that match their exact criteria encourages visitors to interact with the website and save properties to a list, resulting in a higher volume of leads.
  • Website visitors will be surprised that you have better inventory than

Seamless Lead Conversion From IDX to CRM

  • When potential customers are able to search apartments on their own, without waiting for a response from you, the lead conversion process is seamless.
  • Visitors who find properties matching their exact preferences while searching your IDX are more likely to put your name on the guest card and application due to the active engagement with the listings.
  • They feel ownership over their choices because the search is fully interactive and collaborative.
  • The IDX website form captures detailed search criteria entered by your website visitors so you can seamlessly forward those details to any CRM and personalize your follow up text and emails.

Targeted Search Results

  • Our IDX portal allows visitors to refine their search as many times as necessary to find targeted search results.
  • This ensures that the properties your website visitors save to their preliminary list are more targeted and aligned with their preferences.
  • This targeted approach results in higher-quality leads that are more likely to convert into clients.

Immediate Indication of Interest

  • Website visitors who take the initiative to search for apartments through your IDX are demonstrating immediate interest in finding an apartment using your locating service.

  • Their proactive engagement indicates a higher level of intent compared to those who simply submit a generic contact form.

  • Overall this leads to a greater number of actionable leads generated by your website.

Higher Conversion Rates on Self-Qualified Leads

  • The IDX captures detailed search criteria entered by your website visitors on a website form so you can personalize your follow up text and emails with potential clients.
  • You increase the likelihood of converting a prospect into a client when your follow up interactions address specific property preferences and needs identified during the search process.
  • The IDX gives website visitors the ability to pre-qualify themselves based on their search criteria and preferences. By entering their own budget, location and amenities desired, they can see instantly on the IDX how many properties are available that meet their criteria.
  • This qualification process filters out uninterested or mismatched leads, ensuring that apartment locators can focus their efforts on nurturing and converting leads with genuine interest in their services.

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Get an IDX search from and start capturing leads today!

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