After 21 years in Houston, we’re now located in San Diego.

We are a small team of three people who all work remotely so we’ve designed our website to answer your questions in our help or frequently asked questions section.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions but kindly check our FAQ section first; another locator may have already asked and we’ve posted the answer.

Technical Support

If our FAQ section didn’t answer your question, you can submit a new one 24/7. This is the most convenient option for our support team to answer questions or provide technical support. Your question is emailed to all three of us so we can provide a quick response.

Schedule A Call

If you still prefer to speak to one of our team members, please use our online calendar to schedule a call and avoid phone tag. The three of us work in different time zones so our online calendar is the best way to receive a call.

As a woman owned company, we love running this company together. Jodi and Michele are sisters and Megan has been Jodi’s best friend for 25 years. Each of us have different strengths but we are all equals and here to help you succeed.

Jodi Southwick

Creator & CEO | San Diego

I’ve been a commercial real estate agent since 1997 and I also happen to be a software engineer. Since 2005 I’ve built all of our locating products and 100+ apartment locating websites for locators. The highest ranked locating websites in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Charlotte are clients of our service and we can help you too.

Michele Moellering

Accounting & Customer Support | St. Louis

I can answer any questions about the cost of products, helping you update your payment information on our website, or cancelling products or services. I also offer customer support when Jodi is not available so you can get answers quickly.

Megan Caywood

Marketing & Customer Service | Dallas

I’ve been working for Rental Advisors periodically for 10+ years so I can answer any questions about our products and how they benefit your locating business. I’m a commercial real estate agent in Dallas and I’ve done apartment locating for friends so I know first hand the right tools make a big difference.

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