Feature: Data Points

We want you to feel ownership of your locating database. Locators in Texas need different functionality than locators in Charlotte, so we offer customizations to make it work for every locator. Your apartment database is one of the most important systems needed if you want to be a successful apartment locator. This is not a one size fits all solution and when you submit an idea or a customization request, we want you to feel heard. It’s frustrating when one of your primary business systems can’t be modified to fit your needs. We want to solve that problem.

Standard Search Fields

  • Bedrooms
  • Minimum Rent
  • Maximum Rent
  • Townhouse, Penthouse, or High Rise only
  • Washer Dryer in Unit or Connections
  • Cats and Dogs Allowed
  • Attached Garage or Controlled Access
  • Year Built on or After
  • Minimum Commission Percent

Advanced Search Fields

  • Address/Location
  • Management
  • Neighborhood
  • Lease Terms
  • Commission
  • Amenities In Unit
  • Community Features

Our amenity and community search is unique because we can find and filter on practically any search term. Recently a locator asked if we could filter “White Cabinets” and we were able to add that filter for her.

Custom Locating Solutions

Custom locating solutions solve any obstacle that keeps you from making more money. Does it take too long to create an apartment list because your team focuses on a very specific type of property? Do you struggle to consistently follow up with leads, clients, and invoices even though you’re working exhausting hours? Make a list of every obstacle in your process preventing you from closing more deals and we can create a custom solution.

Custom Data Points

Our flexible search allows you to search any data point and combine it with any other data point for an unlimited search functionality. Who is to say the “this search method” or “that search method” is the best method? The best method is the one that helps you make more money. Locators in Texas need different functionality than locators in Charlotte. This is not a one size fits all database.

Custom Apartment List

We currently offer multiple designs, but you can submit a mockup for a new design, and we will consider it. The idea for an apartment CMA was submitted by a locator and it’s now available to all users.

Custom Automation

Integrating your website, database, CRM, and accounting is easy with webhooks. When “Action A” happens, your webhook automatically performs “Action B”. This allows you to focus your time exclusively on tasks that generate revenue.


We work with thousands of apartment locators in multiple markets. We’ve learned that one size fits all solutions are obsolete. You should have the ability to make changes, tweaks, and requests from your apartment data provider. If your clients have recently been asking for a new amenity or data point your database doesn’t track, you can make a request from our staff and we can let you know if it’s possible.