November: Newly Added Features

Apartment communities with the most online leads

When picking properties for online leads, you can search apartments with the most online leads.

Lead capture forms for higher conversion rates

You can show a lead capture form on top of the map, on the info window, or both.

Email the apartment list from your dashboard

For the best open rates we recommend you email the apartment list from your inbox, but you can now email directly from your dashboard.

Allow the algorithm to create a preliminary list using your minimum commission rate

Our algorithm can create a preliminary list for online leads using your minimum commission rate without you lifting a finger. Let the system do the work.

Move qualified online leads to your IDX and create a personalized list. The preliminary list gets pre-qualified information into the hands of your online leads quickly.

The client list doesn’t include commission rates.

Upload IABS, Consumer Protection, and other legal disclosures

The apartment locating website is legally compliant including all legal disclosures.

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Use the proximity search to quickly find nearby properties with your minimum commission rate

The fastest way to create an apartment list and share it with your clients.

Every search console is fast and efficient to identify the exact properties you want to include in your data feeds.

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Section: Data Feed Search

Section: Online Lead Search