Feature: Search by Google Location

Step 1 is a city-wide search of every property that matches the standard search fields. The initial search is not location based because it is informative to show search results based entirely on price. For example, if a price point is too low it’s important to show zero results to the locator.

Image Locator IDX Apartment Search (2)

The purpose of Step 1 is to choose a primary property. You can’t move to Step 2 until you save at least one property to the list.

Image Locator IDX Apartment Search (3)

After you add one property to the list, our unique proximity search tool automatically finds nearby properties that are paying a commission that match all rental criteria.

Image Locator IDX Apartment Search (1)

Step 2 uses the first property added to the list as the focal point, and then applies your other criteria to nearby properties. Only locator friendly properties are included in the search results. There isn’t a maximum distance or radius search, instead the system shows a maximum of 50 properties that match the criteria.

You can change the criteria as many times as you want to get the desired search results.