Online Leads: Do you sell online leads to apartment locators?


Do you sell online leads to apartment locators?


Yes. If you are subscribed to our apartment locating software (Locator IDX) for $99 per month, you can purchase online leads for an additional cost.

We do not sell leads to non-customers.

There is no way to predict how many leads you will receive per month which is why you only pay for what you receive. It depends on how many properties you pick and how many views those listings receive on,, and other national rental websites. You pick your properties, we do not pick them for you.


How to purchase Online Leads

  1. Read our Online Lead Series to answer every question about our Online Lead Program.
  2. Sign up for Locator IDX for $99/month (if you cancel your IDX you will not be able to purchase leads).
  3. Login and click “Online Leads”
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and purchase your first 50 leads for $250.
  5. Add your real estate license number, the email address you want to receive the leads, and the phone number you want the leads to call/text regarding your listings.
  6. Pick the properties you want to advertise on, and other national rental websites. We do not pick your properties. You can add and remove properties from your data feed at any time.
  7. Our data feed will publish those properties to and other national rental websites. You should receive leads within 7 days.


Please read the full Terms and Conditions to understand our online lead program:

  • I understand and agree I must be a Locator IDX customer with an active $99/month subscription to purchase online leads.
  • I understand and agree the cost of leads is a recurring charge and agree to purchase increments of 50 leads until I cancel online.
  • I can cancel online leads at any time for any reason through the Account page of my Locator IDX or cancel online before my next billing cycle to cancel future purchases.
  • I understand when I cancel my service I may not be able to sign up again later if leads are unavailable.
  • I agree to accept the leads as-is. Rental Advisors is not responsible for incorrect phone numbers or emails.
  • I agree there are no refunds.
  • I understand there is no guarantee on the number of leads I receive. The number of leads depends on the properties I pick.
  • I understand I am responsible for picking the properties in my data feed and Rental Advisors does not add or remove properties on my behalf.
  • I have fully read, understand and agree to the  terms and conditions.