Online Leads: How many leads will I get each month if I sign up for online leads?


There is no way to predict how many leads you will receive per month. It depends on how many properties you pick and how much traffic your listings get online. You pick your properties, we don’t do it for you.

We publish your listings on national rental websites and we have no control over how they drive traffic to your listings which is why we charge per lead. You only pay for the leads you receive and since you picked the properties yourself, you only receive leads at the properties you want.

Each property you pick will publish a listing for every floor plan at that property. If a property has studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom floor plans, the system will publish three listings for this property, one for each floor plan type.

You don’t share leads with any other locator. If the same email address is entered into our system within 30 days, it’s considered a duplicate and it’s deleted.