CRM: What are custom locating solutions?


They are solutions that solve any obstacle that keeps you from making more money. The solutions are “custom” because each locator has unique obstacles.

Maybe it takes too long to create an apartment list because your team focuses on a very specific type of client and your current database doesn’t find those properties easily. We can design a unique search screen with unique options and drop downs to identify those specific properties.

Maybe you can’t focus on lead generation or follow up consistently with leads, clients, and invoices even though you’re working exhausting hours.  

Make a list of every obstacle in your process preventing you from closing more deals each month and we can create a custom solution.


Examples of custom solutions we’ve created for locators:

  • Automated series of text messages that go out to all incoming leads.
  • Automated series of text and emails to clients who aren’t moving for 60 or 90 days. This keeps the client in touch until they are 30 days to their move date when the locator jumps back in to create the list.
  • Email invoices to property managers so the locator can see when the invoice is viewed by the manager. Until the invoice is paid, automatic reminders are sent to the property manager on specific days. If the invoice isn’t paid in 90 days, the final email is a collection warning. The National Association of Apartment Locators teaches the best strategy to collect invoices is get a signed lease verification and send reminders consistently.
  • Online forms to collect lease verification information.
  • Automated guest cards to property managers before a client goes on a tour.
  • Automated text and email 90 days before a previous client’s lease expires to increase repeat and referral clients.