How do I set up a domain to my IDX?

Generate more leads with a custom domain

You will generate more leads if you forward a friendly domain from GoDaddy to your IDX domain. I set up one of my domains to forward to my IDX so you can see it in action. It’s much easier to share your IDX with a friendly domain and generate leads and the cost is only about $15 per year to purchase a domain on GoDaddy.

Open your website from account settings and copy the URL in the address bar.

Sign in to GoDaddy & Find your domains

Click the DNS settings of the domain

After you click DNS, scroll down to Forwarding section

Complete the forwarding instructions

Choose a permanent forward. Copy your idx URL into the domain field and save. Now when someone types in your Domain, they will be instantly forwarded to your apartment locating website.

After you save the forwarding it could take up to 24 hours for GoDaddy to update their servers. It usually happens very quickly but if after 24 hours the forwarding is not working, contact IT support at GoDaddy.

Now You Can Share Your New Domain Everywhere!

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Use Your Domain To Make Money With Email Marketing

Email marketing doesn’t work with free email like gmail or yahoo. You must have your own domain that can be verified by Google. Now that you own a domain, you can easily verify it for email marketing and take the first steps to automate your income.

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