Online Lead: How Do Renters Find My Apartment Listings

Login to your Locator IDX and navigate to Online Leads. Use the search filters to find the specific properties you want to add to your data feed. You can search by geographic location, price point, commission rate, and more. Your data feed is published and your listings are now searchable on each rental website in the network.


Through our account, we can publish apartment listings to their network. Each locator uses our apartment MLS to create a data feed with their desired properties. The data feed is updated daily and includes the property details, floor plans, pricing, and images. Updating the listings automatically each morning is the best way to keep your listings on top of your competition.

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The name of the apartment isn’t listed, but the address is required. The listing includes your company, first & last name, phone number, website, and license number. Rental Advisors isn’t included anywhere on the listing. It follows all advertising rules for real estate agents and it includes disclaimers for broken leases, evictions, felonies, and section 8 housing.

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Your phone number is published and you will receive incoming calls. These leads are free since we have no way of tracking them. When the renter clicks “message” they must fill out a lead capture form. There is no suggestion they are calling the property but the truth is sometimes they make assumptions. If you receive a phone call and the person on the other end thinks they have called the leasing office, explain the miscommunication and that the ad is part of your marketing. It’s a simple misunderstanding, keep converting.

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The phone number is not required on the lead capture form and unfortunately we cannot control or the fields they require. If an incoming lead does not have a phone number, we don’t forward it or charge you for it. This provides higher quality leads because each lead has a phone number and email address.

*NEW If you subscribe to our IDX you can turn on our email auto-responder to nurture leads. We will even give you the leads without a phone number for free.

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