Online Leads: Conversion & Closing Tips

Online leads are a consistent source of leads throughout the year in addition to your website and social media. National rental websites spend millions of dollars a year to drive traffic to their sites. They count on companies like ours to populate their site with accurate apartment listings. Now you can profit from their traffic with our Online Lead Network.

Tip #1: Email Automation & CRM

  • People want help from trusted sources but with so many rental scams, it’s hard to know who to trust. Online leads won’t make the effort to research who you are, it’s your responsibility to make it easy by providing your website and trustworthy online reviews or social proof.
  • Online leads are total strangers. They’ve never been to your website or social media. To establish credibility quickly, text & email a link to a landing page on your website with your social media and online reviews.
  • Your introductory texts/emails should tell a story and offer something they can’t get on their own. Paint a picture that your referrals are better than any onine search because you talk to unhappy renters every day.
  • A CRM is critical to convert online leads. You will lose money if you attempt to nurture these leads by manually texting from your phone or sending random follow up emails, especially those who aren’t moving for 60-90 days.
  • Our email auto responder immediately makes it clear how you obtained their contact info and that you’re not spam. Our CRM inserts the property address, lead source, and other pertinent information into the email with a call-to-action to opt-in to using your locating service.
  • When they opt-in, they are added to your IDX where they can search locator friendly properties and save them to a list.

Online Lead Text & Email Template Samples

Reference the name of the apartment or address or both. Personalize with their first name. Give them your full name, company, and website so they can easily Google you.

“Hi {ContactName}, this is Jodi Southwick @ ABC Locating (not a bot LOL). Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn. Today I advertised a {Bedrooms} apartment on {LeadSource} at {PropertyAddress} for {PropertyRent}. You asked for more info via text. Is this a good time for a quick chat?”

When a potential lead fills out a lead capture form on and immediately receives a text from your CRM, the lead makes the connection between you and How quickly you send the first text is critical to converting leads.

“Hi {ContactName}, this is Jodi Southwick @ ABC Locating. Please visit for details. You just requested info on {PropertyName} at {PropertyAddress} from my listing on {LeadSource}. I can text preliminary info or we can have a quick chat on the phone. Which do you prefer?”

Tip #2: Provide Social Proof

Social proof is evidence that other people have used and found value in your service, business, and ability. Online reviews are the most obvious example but comments on your social media and recommendations on LinkedIn are other great examples.

Tip #3: Opt-In Automation

Each online lead receives a series of three (3) emails explaining the benefits of working with a locator and asking them to opt-in.

This accomplishes three things:

  1. Converts a cold online lead to a hot lead who is interested in working with a locator.
  2. Weeds out time wasters who are not serious about moving or aren’t interested in working with a locator.
  3. Adds them to your IDX contacts so they can search your IDX and are automatically assigned to the next email sequence.

Email #1: Instant

You are receiving this because you entered your email address on one of my advertisements on You requested availability and pricing about an apartment I am advertising at 123 Main Street. According to you are looking for a 1 bedroom apartment, under $1,300. Is that correct? 

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Email #2: (If no response to Email #1)

Hello again, I hope you saw my email yesterday. You are receiving this because you entered your email address on one of my advertisements on You asked for information about an apartment I am advertising at 123 Main Street. According to you are looking for a 1 bedroom apartment, under $1,300. Is that correct?

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Email #3: (If no response to Email #2)

Out of courtesy, this will be my last attempt to connect with you. A couple of days ago you entered your email address on one of my apartment listings on . Apartment communities pay me to advertise their apartments and find qualified renters like you. There is no cost to you to use my service which is significantly more accurate than an online apartment search.

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Tip #4: Send A Preliminary List FAST

Use Locator IDX to get a preliminary list in their hands as soon as they opt-in from the email auto-responder. If they’ve been searching, they are bored with the same properties over and over. The best thing you can do to peak their interest is show them properties they haven’t already seen. Our email auto-responder shows them a preliminary list and a map of similar properties they might be interested in. If they responded to your online listing at 123 Main Street and are looking for a 1 bedroom under $1,300, our system shows them every similar property within a 5 mile radius without you lifting a finger.

Build trust, credibility, and curiosity by allowing leads to search locator friendly properties and save favorites to a list.

  • You can show or hide the apartment names on the preliminary list.
  • You may be tempted to withhold information until you speak to them on the phone. Don’t use information as leverage. Giving them the information they requested quickly will build trust.
  • It is proven in marketing that providing free information up front without the expectation of a sale generates loyalty with consumers.
  • The preliminary list includes the property from the lead capture form PLUS other similar locator friendly properties nearby.
  • The preliminary list is an automated marketing tool, it does not replace a custom apartment list.
  • When the lead opts-in from the email auto-responder it’s converted to a contact and added to your CRM so they can instantly search your IDX. All of our tools work together to generate and nurture leads.