Online Lead: Terms & Conditions


  • I understand and agree the cost of leads is a recurring charge and agree to purchase increments of 50 leads until I cancel online.
  • I can cancel online leads at any time for any reason through the Account page of my Locator IDX or cancel online before my next billing cycle to cancel future purchases.
  • I understand when I cancel my service I may not be able to sign up again later if leads are unavailable.
  • I agree to accept the leads as-is. Rental Advisors is not responsible for incorrect phone numbers or emails.
  • I agree there are no refunds.
  • I understand there is no guarantee on the number of leads I receive. The number of leads depends on the properties I pick.
  • I understand I am responsible for picking the properties in my data feed and Rental Advisors does not add or remove properties on my behalf.
  • I have fully read, understand and agree to the  terms and conditions.


Online Leads are defined by Rental Advisors ability to provide Apartment Locators with individuals who are searching for an apartment online and exchanging the individuals name, phone number and email address on a per lead basis and is not dependent on the Apartment Locator’s ability to convert Online Leads into closed transactions.

REPRESENTATIONS by Rental Advisors

Rental Advisors grants access to the Apartment Locator to use their Apartment MLS to publish apartment listings on a network of national apartment rental websites. Rental Advisors has no control over the websites where the listings are published. Rental Advisors has no control over the number of views, hits, or leads generated by the listings the Apartment Locator chooses to add to their data feed. The Apartment Locator is responsible for choosing their desired apartment mix and adding individual properties to their data feed. The Apartment Locator can add any property in the Apartment MLS to their data feed regardless if the property is paying a commission or not.

Rental Advisors makes every effort to post true and accurate property name, address, location, floor plan, and rent information. When the data is updated in the Apartment MLS the data on the apartment listing is updated automatically to abide by State and Local advertising rules for real estate.

This Agreement shall not be construed as an exclusive lead generation program specific to the Apartment Locator. Rental Advisors is permitted to publish listings in any market, at any location, at any price point, with any Apartment Locator.

When the Apartment Locator receives a lead, they receive an notification from with the name, phone number, email address, name of the property and rent posted on the listing. The Apartment Locator receives exclusive rights to the name, phone number, and email address for thirty (30) days. Rental Advisors does not sell the same Lead to multiple Apartment Locator’s in the same month. If the Online Lead submits their contact information multiple times in the same month, the duplicate submissions are deleted.

REPRESENTATIONS by the Apartment Locator

The Apartment Locator agrees to abide by State and Local advertising rules for real estate to the best of their ability. This includes adding a contact phone number that may be used by online leads, email address, agent name, company name and if they live in a State that requires a real estate license, their active real estate license number that will be published by Rental Advisors on every apartment listing.

The Apartment Locator is responsible for choosing their desired apartment mix and adding individual properties to their data feed.

The Apartment Locator agrees to accept the lead as is. Rental Advisors is not responsible for incorrect phone numbers, email addresses, bad credit, bad rental history, criminal record, or lack of qualifying income. Rental Advisors is not responsible if the individual is already working with an apartment locator or real estate agent.

The Apartment Locator is responsible for internal lead distribution to other agents and integration with internal systems.

The Apartment Locator understands the lead volume will fluctuate based on time of the year and other reasons beyond Rental Advisors control.


The Apartment Locator agrees to pay Rental Advisors $5 per lead in 50 lead increments for access to the network of apartment rental websites and permission to use the Apartment MLS data and images. Rental Advisors has permission to charge the Apartment Locators credit card $250 after they receive forty-five (45) leads as indicated on the email notification.

The Apartment Locator can cancel the Payment and Online Lead service at any time before the remaining lead count reaches zero (0) leads by logging into their Locator IDX and cancelling on the Account page.


This Agreement will start on the date payment is submitted and terminates when (1) the Apartment Locator cancels the service by logging into their account on and cancelling from the Account page or (2) the credit card on file declines the payment.


There are no refunds unless Rental Advisors fails to provide a single lead within 14 days of the Apartment Locator submitting their data feed. If Rental Advisors cannot access the network of apartment rental websites for reasons beyond their control for more than 30 days, a full refund of the remaining Online Leads will be issued to the Apartment Locator. If the Apartment Locator no longer wants to receive the Online Leads they purchased, they may provide an alternate apartment locator to receive their remaining Online Leads.

Rental Advisors does not publish listings on rental websites that promote bad credit, criminal records, or affordable housing. We block leads that refer to affordable housing vouchers but if you receive more than two (2) leads in the same calendar month looking for affordable housing, please forward to and we will consider issuing a refund.

effective date: 9/1/2023