Step 2: How To Pick Properties

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Enter required information about the agent receiving the leads. All of this information is published on every listing to comply with state and local advertising rules. Use the tagline section to build credibility by writing a personal statement about your experience or incentive you are offering.

Marketing Strategy - Think Outside The Box

Strategy 1: pick properties that best fit your typical client.

  • Make a list of your last 20-25 clients and chart number of bedrooms and rent for each one. This will paint a picture of your typical client.
  • Google the average monthly salary in your area and divide by 3 to figure out what the average person can qualify for rent. Properties require at least 3 times the rent in verifiable income.
  • After you determine how much your typical client can afford, pick properties that fit the demographic in area’s that pay competitive commissions.

Strategy 2: pick properties that focus on a new client type or demographic.

  • If your typical client needs a one bedroom under $1,200 and you want to increase your average transaction, write a marketing campaign to attract renters who can afford $1,400 – $1,600. Pick properties with a minimum rent of $1,400 for your online leads.
  • Is there a new up and coming neighborhood gaining popularity? Pick properties in the new up and coming neighborhood and start generating leads before your competition.

Reasons you won’t get leads on every property you pick

  1. If a property is buying a marketing package directly from, your listing won’t receive any leads.
  2. There are reasons unknown in the algorithm that prevent certain properties from getting enough views to generate leads.
  3. Every property you select will not get leads but a few properties will get a lot of leads.

Don’t avoid no locator properties

  1. Don’t pick properties based on commission amount.
  2. The likelihood an individual asks about a specific property and there is an unit available on their move date and in their price range is less than 5%. Don’t be afraid to advertise no locator properties; 95% of the time the lead will pick another property any way.

How To Pick Your Properties

Use the filters to find properties based on your marketing strategy and either select the properties individually or “select all” and click the Insert Selected button.

After the properties are added, you will see a confirmation message. If you want to modify your filters and find more properties, select the “Hide Properties Already Added” checkbox.

Leads Arrive In Approximately 7 Days

When your finished picking properties for your online leads, they are automatically published to your online lead account. You don’t need to notify us, your account is activated as soon as you purchase your first set of 50 leads.