Step 1: Online Lead Introduction

Online rental leads are a steady source of income for apartment locators that know how to convert and close unnurtured leads. Online leads are very different than your standard lead sources. They are responding to an apartment listing on a rental website, not your website or social media. You need to test and duplicate lead nurturing techniques so you can convert and close at a high level.

Having a pathway to publish apartment listings on a national rental network is critical to generating online leads. Rental Advisors has access to multiple networks to publish apartment listings and we grant access to our Locator IDX clients to use our Apartment MLS to generate online leads.

Summary of Terms & Conditions

  1. The online lead program is a recurring charge and you agree to purchase leads in increments of 50 leads for $250 when the remaining lead count reaches 5 leads.
  2. You can cancel at any time for any reason through the Account page of the Locator IDX before the next billing cycle.
  3. If you cancel the service, you may not be able to sign up again later. If you do sign up again later, the cost of the leads may be different.
  4. You agree to accept the leads as-is. Rental Advisors isn’t responsible for wrong phone numbers or incorrect email addresses.
  5. You agree to the no refund policy.
  6. You understand there is no guarantee on the number of leads you receive.
  7. You understand you are responsible for picking the properties in your data feed and Rental Advisors does not add or remove properties.

Legally Compliant

  1. The agent name, broker name, contact information and license number is published on every listing.
  2. It is clearly stated you are a real estate agent and not posing as the apartment community.
  3. The name of the property is not published but the address is required. These are not ghost listings; they are actual apartment communities with true and accurate available units for rent.
  4. The studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom rent is updated daily.


  1. Every property you pick won’t get leads. If the property is paying directly for a marketing package they will receive all of the leads.
  2. We don’t know exactly why some properties get leads and some don’t. You can change your apartment mix at any time if you aren’t getting enough leads.
  3. You can pick locator friendly properties and no locator properties as long as you are honest with the prospective clients about price and availability. If they want information about a no locator property you should still provide the price and availability in addition to locator friendly properties that match their criteria.
  4. Over 99% of the potential clients that respond to your listings will not rent at the property they originally contact you about for legitimate reasons. The likelihood the original property has the price, availability, and amenities desired is very low. You will get more leads if you publish properties based on location and price point and not commission amount.