Online Lead Closing Tips

Online leads are a consistent source of leads throughout the year in addition to your website and social media. National rental websites spend millions of dollars a year to drive traffic to their sites. They count on companies like Locator IDX to populate their site with accurate apartment listings. Now you can profit from their traffic with our Online Lead Network. There is a big difference in leads that come through your website or social media and online leads. Nurturing online leads requires more touch points, social proof, and follow up efforts.

Nurturing Online Leads

  • People want help from trusted sources but with so many rental scams, it’s hard to know who to trust. Online leads won’t make the effort to research who you are, it’s your responsibility to make it easy by providing your website and trustworthy online reviews or social proof.
  • Qualified renters with a good income can find their own apartment online. Your website and introductory texts/emails must offer something they can’t get on their own.
  • Online leads are total strangers. They’ve never been to your website or social media. To establish credibility quickly, text & email a link to a landing page on your website with your social media and online reviews.
  • A CRM is critical to convert online leads. You will lose money if you attempt to nurture these leads by manually texting from your phone or sending random follow up emails.
  • Without an automated follow up sequence, you will lose leads, especially those who aren’t moving for 60-90 days.
  • Immediately make it clear how you obtained their contact info and why you’re reaching out. Salesmate will insert the property address, lead source, and other pertinent information into your text & email.
  • The goal of the initial 7-day sequence is to use Salesmate to perform 90% of the work to qualify the lead. 

Social Proof

Social proof is evidence that other people have used and found value in your service, business, and ability. Online reviews are the most obvious example but comments on your social media and recommendations on LinkedIn are other great examples.

Free Text & Email Template Automation

You will lose money on online leads if you don’t use automation to nurture and qualify your leads.  Whether you use Salesmate CRM or your existing CRM, your text and email templates should insert the property address, lead source, and other pertinent information to make your messages personal and not spammy.

Reference the name of the apartment or address or both. Personalize with their first name. Give them your full name, company, and website so they can easily Google you.

“Hi {ContactName}, this is Jodi Southwick @ ABC Locating (not a bot LOL). Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn. Today I advertised a {Bedrooms} apartment on {LeadSource} at {PropertyAddress} for {PropertyRent}. You asked for more info via text. Is this a good time for a quick chat?”

When a potential lead fills out a lead capture form on and immediately receives a text from your CRM, the lead makes the connection between you and How quickly you send the first text is critical to converting leads.

“Hi {ContactName}, this is Jodi Southwick @ ABC Locating. Please visit for details. You just requested info on {PropertyName} at {PropertyAddress} from my listing on {LeadSource}. I can text preliminary info or we can have a quick chat on the phone. Which do you prefer?”

Initial 3-Day Sequence

Pro Tip: Build credibility by using your CRM to merge information from their lead capture form and inserting it into your text and emails.

Hi {ContactName}. This is Jodi @ Rental Advisors. I just received your email from {LeadSource}. You asked for information on a {Bedrooms} for {Rent} located at {PropertyAddress}. Click on the link below to see the pricing on {PropertyName} apartments PLUS a few more options in the area that I recommend. I know the best move in specials in {PropertyCity}, and all of my recommendations are free to you. If you prefer, you can call or text me to discuss.

Your CRM nurtures and qualifies the lead. If they respond to a text or email, you are notified to take action. If they don’t respond after three attempts, you can assume they are unqualified or not serious but you haven’t wasted your time chasing them down.

Optional 7-Day Sequence

You can run more than one sequence at a time. In addition to a 3-day sequence, you can also write a 7-day educational sequence that is delivered to every lead:

  1. What is an apartment locator?
  2. Why is the locating service free?
  3. Why do I love being an apartment locator?
  4. Secrets from an apartment locator.
  5. Why choosing the right management company is critical?
  6. Top 10 tips if you are new to the city.
  7. Signing a lease is a legal obligation.

Pro Tip: You never know what information can turn a cold lead into a hot lead. Email your entire database until they unsubscribe.

Online Lead Closing Tips 7 Day Sequence

Long-Term Sequences