Step 4: Create A Personalized Apartment List

Searching the Apartment MLS starts in your inbox. There is a link to a system generated preliminary list with every email notification. The Apartment MLS uses the location, bedrooms, and rent from each listing and automatically finds similar nearby properties and adds them to a preliminary list.

Every online lead is responding to an apartment listing you published. When the lead comes in, the system knows which property they are inquiring about and shows you a preliminary list of similar properties nearby. Each property is paying a commission and has a similar price point. You can view the preliminary list from a link in the email notification.

The preliminary list can be used for your eyes only, introduce you to properties you don’t normally refer too, or be used as a marketing piece to connect to incoming leads. To convert as many leads as possible, you want to get information into their hands as quickly as possible. Sending an auto text or email with a link to the preliminary list is an excellent way to nurture and convert new leads. You can always create a personalized list after you’ve spoken on the phone.


Email Notification

Open the email notification in your inbox to view the Apartment MLS Preliminary List. The preliminary list includes up to 25 properties near the Boardwalk at Town Center that are paying a commission and have a similar price point for a one-bedroom apartment.


Preliminary List

The Apartment MLS knows which property each lead is inquiring about and shows you a preliminary list of 25 similar properties nearby, that are paying a commission and have a similar price point.

The preliminary list can be used in a variety of ways. It might display properties you don’t normally refer too. You can keep it to yourself as a starting point to create a personalized list or use it as a marketing tool to share with incoming leads.


Copy To IDX Contacts

Some leads will be unqualified or just doing research and not ready to move, so we don’t automatically add every online lead into your IDX contacts. But with a simple checkbox you can copy the online lead over to your IDX contacts and start a personalized list.


Personalized List

After you copy the lead to your IDX you can start a personalized list. The Apartment MLS will find similar properties just like the preliminary list but you have complete control to add and remove any property from the database.

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