Email notification changes


The email notification sent out when you receive an online lead has been updated to make it easier for an email parser to insert the correct fields into your CRM.

If you are using a CRM and need to parse these emails into your database, we recommend it’s much more accurate than Zapier email parser.

In the footer of each email you can keep count of the number of leads received. Each time your lead count is 45, you are automatically charged for 50 new leads. You may cancel the online service at any time.


Never worry about a lapse in online leads. Each time you receive 45 leads you will receive a payment notification and we will automatically add 50 more leads to your account.

The number of leads you receive will depend on the number of properties you pick for your data feed. Some locators receive 50 leads every 10-14 days other locators 30-45 days.


The new dashboard brings your tools to one place. Pick your properties to add new properties. View & Delete to edit your existing data feed. Active leads count toward your 50 leads and include a phone number and email address.

*NEW Total leads show duplicate leads and leads without a phone number. You don’t pay for leads without a phone number but you can contact them via email if desired.



Locator IDX includes a turn-key web page. Simply upload a logo and headshot and it's ready to go!

Included in subscription, no extra cost.

Apartment map, IDX contact form, and data feed installed.


DIY website builder with simple drag and drop design tools like Wix, GoDaddy, or Placester.

$15 – $45/mo but you never own the site.

Apartment map & IDX contact form can be installed.


Custom theme's designed specifically for real estate with unlimited integrations. Long term growth potential.

$1,000+ investment, you own the site no monthly fee’s.

Apartment map, IDX contact form, and data feed can be installed.