Product: Online Leads

To build a successful apartment locating business you need to be skillful in online advertising and marketing. Online leads fall in different categories depending on the lead source. Your website, social media, and national rental websites are all good sources of online leads, but all need different nurturing techniques. Online rental leads are very different than your standard lead sources. Prospective clients are responding to an apartment listing on a rental website, not your website or social media. You need to test and duplicate lead nurturing techniques so you can convert and close at a high level.

Having a pathway to publish apartment listings on a national rental network is critical to consistent lead generation throughout the year beyond your website and social meda. National rental websites spend millions of dollars a year to drive traffic to their site and generate leads. You pick your properties from your Apartment MLS and we publish those listings to national rental websites on your behalf. You pay per lead and you can cancel the service at any time.

Online leads fall in different categories and require different lead nurturing techniques depending on the lead source. Your website, social media, and national rental websites are all good sources of online leads.

  1. Organic website leads by driving traffic to your domain. Our front-end IDX, lead capture forms, and apartment maps are excellent tools to generate leads from your website.
  2. If you don’t have a website, you can easily forward your custom domain from GoDaddy to the front-end IDX and instantly have a website.
  3. Paid website leads from Google pay-per-click or sponsored blog posts.
  4. Social media leads from posted content or paid/sponsored posts.
  5. Member profile on the National Association of Apartment Locators website.
  6. Email marketing to your contact database.
  7. Online leads from apartment listings on national rental websites such as

High Conversion Rates

Integrating your IDX with a CRM is critical to converting leads at a high rate because you can extract personal information from the lead capture and insert it into your texts and emails. Lead nurturing needs to be automated and sophisticated so you can distinguish yourself from spam.

Inserting their first name, move date, and budget into your communications instantly turns a cold lead into a warm lead. If you aren’t using automation to personalize your texts and emails, you will lose money buying online leads.

You need a different lead nurturing program for each lead source and you need to monitor the conversion rates so you can quickly make changes if you aren’t converting consistently. You can start a basic 3-day nurturing program and change it as needed to get a higher conversion rate.

We can integrate with your existing CRM or we have a partnership with Salesmate for a low cost, high functioning locating CRM with a free locating template.