General: How do I cancel my account?


To avoid future charges, cancel your account using our online form before your next billing date:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Click the Cancellation button at the top of the page.


Until you submit the online form, you have authorized Rental Advisors to charge $99 per month, per locator, per market to your credit card on file. Cancelling your service is extremely easy by submitting the online form. You will receive an instant email confirming we have received your request and your credit card is cancelled immediately. This is your proof of cancellation.

You will receive a 2nd email confirming our support team has deleted your products with instructions to remove all products from your website so you aren’t accidentally showing an error message on your website. We have no way of knowing which products you or your developer have installed so please make sure you remove the products to avoid a negative impact on your SEO ranking.

You can avoid future charges by cancelling your account at any time before your next billing date. We are happy to refund your $99 if you cancel within the first 30 days. After the first 30 days we have a no refund policy. Our full Terms and Conditions and Refund Policy are emailed to you when you sign up, but you can read them at any time