Instructions To Get Started

Video Onboarding Series

Our YouTube channel contains a video series to teach you anything and everything you need to know about Locator IDX. We’ve broken it down into small tutorials you can watch at your convenience.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Add a logo
  3. Add a headshot
  4. Change the background image on your home page and front-end apartment locating web page.
  5. Upload required real estate disclosures (In TX your IABS & Consumer Protection Notice).
  6. Write an email template (optional).
  7. Add social media links (optional).
  8. Write bio/experience paragraph (optional).

Click on Maps from your home page and add a new map.

  1. Enter filters to remove unwanted properties from the map.
  2. Year built
  3. Minimum rent
  4. Minimum commission (leave blank or enter zero so show all apartments)

Copy and paste the codes located at the bottom of the screen to any web page. You can change the filters at any time and it will update your map immediately.

Click on Contact Forms from your home page. Copy and paste the codes located next to each contact form to any web page. The contact forms are mobile responsive and should automatically fit to any web page container.

If you do not have a website, forward an existing domain or buy a new one and connect it to your front-end apartment locating website.

Now you can drive traffic to your domain and generate leads. Potential clients can search every apartment in your IDX from your domain.

Drive traffic to your existing website or new domain.

  • Add a “Search Apartments” link to your email signature.
  • Add the domain to your social media profiles.
  • Add the domain to your digital business card.
  • Every locator should have a drip email marketing campaign with a link to your domain.
    • Incoming lead drip marketing.
    • Active client drip marketing.
    • Past client drip marketing.
    • Lease expiration drip marketing.
    • Online lead drip marketing.
    • Ask for an online review drip marketing.
    • Ask for a referral drip marketing.

Your email database is the most profitable asset you own.

Next Steps

You can’t build a successful apartment locating business without a high functioning CRM.

If you don’t have a CRM we recommend¬†Salesmate. It’s a low cost, high functioning CRM and we partnered with them to build a locating template for our clients. The template includes custom fields, text templates, and email templates.

If you already have a CRM or want to use a different CRM, no problem, we can integrate with practically any system.

  1. Go to Account Settings
  2. CRM Integration Settings
  3. Enter your CRM information and our support team will create the automation.


Optional: Now that you are signed up for Locator IDX and are using our apartment locating software, you can purchase online leads for an additional cost.

After your map, contact forms, and front-end apartment locating website, and domain is set up, go to your domain and test drive your products.

Use your website as a new client would use it. Experience the IDX first hand and make sure your settings are correct.

  • Are you showing the name of the apartment?
  • Are you showing the name of the apartment after they register?
  • Is your minimum rent and minimum commission settings displaying the number of apartments you want?
  • Does your CRM fire as expected to incoming leads?