How do I integrate my Locator IDX with Salesmate?

Over the years we’ve evaluated hundreds of real estate CRM’s, and we’ve decided to partner with It’s a low-cost CRM that integrates directly with our Locator IDX and can automate practically any task. We designed a custom apartment locating template that can be imported into your CRM by Salesmate support to create rental contact fields, 10-15 text templates, and 15-20 email templates specifically for locators.

Connect Salesmate & Locator IDX

Locator IDX Account

Login to your Locator IDX account and go to Account & Profile.


Copy your Salesmate domain URL into your Locator IDX account.


Copy your Salesmate Session Token from Salesmate -> Account -> Access Key section


We need your Salesmate email so their support team can import the locating template into your account. The password is optional to help with technical support issues. We recommend using a password you don’t use for any other account. Something random like “rentisdue2023”


After you save your Salesmate URL, Session Token, Email address and Password, an email is sent to Salesmate support to import our locating template. It’s usually complete within one business day. When both of these fields are filled in, the integration is complete and every incoming IDX lead will sync with Salesmate.