How to import the data feed into WordPress

Plug-In: Purchase WP All Import

To import our data feed into WordPress to populate your property listings, you must purchase a plug-in WP All Import.

  • It works with practically any WordPress real estate theme.
  • It’s very inexpensive. One time standalone purchase is $99 for the Pro-Version so you can download from a URL.
  • I pay a monthly fee to WP All Import for their scheduling service. I can use it on unlimited websites so I can give you the key for free. After your data feed is set up, you can schedule it to run automatically by adding our key to the settings of WP All Import.
  • The interface is simple drag and drop.
  • Purchase @


Plug-In: Purchase External Images

Our licensing agreement states a $10,000 fine if you download our images to your server so make sure you (or your developer) are aware of this restriction. Contact support if you are interested in purchasing the images, otherwise you’re a welcome to reference them with our image string for free.

If your developer can reference an image string natively, you don’t need this plug-in. However, the majority of WordPress theme’s do not so you will need to purchase another inexpensive plug-in: External Images from WP Intense. I’ve tested every image reference plug-in, and this one is by far the best one.


Professional Installation

If you want to inquire about our team professionally installing your data feed, please submit a request at


Video Instructions

Watch detailed video with instructions to set up WP All Import within WordPress to download our data feed: