How to set up Salesmate sequence text and emails

A sequence is a series of actions that are performed automatically by SalesMate according to your instructions.You can create a sequence for anything but most popular to nurture incoming leads, follow up with long term leads, and reach out to past clients when their lease is going to expire.

Step 1: Create your Text templates and Email templates before you create a sequence

Use our templates to create your own texting templates and email templates that will be inserted into your sequence. Use common names so when you refer to the template in your sequence, we know exactly which template you intend for us to use. I recommend starting with a short simple sequence until you get the hang of it.

Step 2: Create & Name the sequence

Decide the purpose of the sequence. 

  • New online leads
  • Website leads moving in 30 days or less
  • Website leads moving in 60 days
  • Website leads moving in 90 days

Step 3: Write the steps and define the activities

Automated Actions

Step 4: Settings to exit the sequence

Step 5: Push Live

Step 6: Create workflow to assign new leads to this sequence automatically.

It’s easy to automate your sequences with Salesmate Workflow. A typical workflow is “assign all incoming contacts tagged online leads with the 3-day sequence.”