Capture Leads Without A Website

One way to capture leads with Locator IDX is our searchable landing page. It comes standard with our contact form, apartment map, and your logo, headshot & bio. It’s a self serve portal to capture leads 24/7. The form captures their contact info and price range and shows matching apartments from your IDX. Share your landing page with potential clients with a link or connect it to a domain.

As a full time apartment locator, the absence of property listings on your website can result in users having difficulty believing you have relationships with relevant properties.

Forward A Domain

Easily forward a domain to your front-end IDX then direct new leads or potential clients to your domain.

Default Settings

You control the locator friendly properties displayed on your front-end IDX.

Professional Profile

The front-end IDX includes a customizable professional profile so you can link your social media and branding.

Search Results

After a potential client fills out a contact form or an apartment map, the IDX instantly shows every locator friendly property that matches the form criteria and your default settings. They can search and save properties to a list. You receive an email notification so you can add and remove properties to their list from the back-end. Or you can create an entirely new list.

Map is updated dynamically in real time

  • You control the properties displayed on your map with minimum settings for price, commission, and distance from city center.
  • The map is dynamically updated in real time so when the price or commission is updated in our database and does not meet your minimum settings, it is automatically removed from your map.

Map Highlights & Benefits

  1. Option to hide apartment names.
  2. Remove properties by price, commission and location.
  3. Easily pays for itself in lead generation.
  4. Offer a similar search as Zillow and
  5. Dramatically increase the average time spent on your website.
  6. “Apartment Map” is a low competition keyword. Many clients have ranked #1 for keywords “apartment map” and “apartment search”.
  7. High conversion rate because users love the interaction and are curious about the search results.
  8. Users save properties to a preliminary list you can view and edit.
  9. Option to customize colors and branding.

Get an apartment map and start capturing leads today!

How can I use the apartment map to generate leads?



Get an apartment map and start capturing leads today!

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