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Tools To Capture Rental Leads


There are two ways to drive traffic to your website; pay for traffic with ads on Google and social media or incorporate elements into your website so Google sends free organic traffic. Opting to grow organic traffic for an apartment locator website rather than relying on paid ads provides numerous benefits.


  • Sustainable Long-Term Results: Organic traffic, generated through effective SEO strategies, tends to provide sustainable and long-term results. Once your website gains visibility in search engine rankings, it can maintain its position over time without the ongoing costs associated with paid advertising.
  • Cost-Effective: While paid advertising can drive immediate traffic, it often requires a continuous financial investment. Organic traffic, on the other hand, is more cost-effective in the long run. Once your website is optimized and ranks well, you can enjoy a steady flow of visitors without ongoing advertising expenses.
  • Trust and Credibility: Websites that rank higher in organic search results are often perceived as more trustworthy and credible by users. Building a strong organic presence establishes your apartment locating business as an authority in your niche, fostering trust among potential clients.

  • Targeted Audience Engagement: SEO allows you to optimize your website for specific keywords and phrases related to apartment locating. Moderate volume, low competition keywords are easy to rank and can move your website up the search results. Targeted keywords ensures your website visitors are likely to be genuinely interested in your services, leading to higher-quality leads and higher conversion rates.
  • Adaptability to Algorithm Changes: Paid advertising platforms often undergo algorithm changes that can impact your campaign performance. A couple of years ago Yelp changed their algorithm and many of our locating clients lost 5-star reviews and ranking in the Yelp search results. Organic traffic is more adaptable to search engine algorithm updates. By focusing on best practices and quality content, you can maintain or improve your rankings despite changes in search engine algorithms.

  • Brand Visibility and Recognition: Consistently appearing in organic search results increases your brand’s visibility and recognition. Over time, users may become familiar with your brand, associating it with reliable and relevant information in the field of apartment locating.


  • Increases the time users spend on your website, resulting in a higher SEO ranking.
  • Increases the conversion rate of website visitors.
  • Increases the credibility of your website.
  • Index more dynamic pages resulting in a higher SEO ranking.
  • Assigns a “freshness date” to your property listings resulting in a higher SEO ranking.
  • Several of our clients have used our map and data feed to rank #1 in organic traffic.


Incorporating the apartment map has had a remarkable impact on my apartment locating business. I've experienced a substantial increase in leads and client engagement. The interactive map not only provides users with a visually engaging way to explore available properties but also allows them to narrow down their search themselves. I love that the map automatically removes properties if they pay less than 50% commission. I’ve seen a surge in quality leads and the positive feedback find the feature intuitive and fun. I highly recommend integrating the map to any locator looking to increase lead flow.
David @ Locator Apartment Search
I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact the apartment map has had on my apartment locating website. The interactive features not only keep visitors engaged but have significantly extended their time spent exploring listings and discovering the available properties. This increased user interaction has worked wonders for my organic SEO. I’ve seen a notable uptick in organic traffic and improved my search engine rank from 32 to page 1 in less than 2 months since search engines reward the extended average time spent on my site. I strongly recommend the apartment map to anyone looking to improve SEO organically.
Jessica @ Apartments Now
I took the plunge and removed my static contact forms replaced them with IDX contact forms. This dynamic feature has proven to be a game-changer for my apartment locating business. Now, potential clients can actively explore apartments that match their criteria resulting in higher lead conversion. Almost every IDX user returns my initial phone call, which wasn’t happening with static contact forms. They appreciate the convenience of searching my high rise listings and seeing results instantly. I love that I can control the properties in my IDX. This has modernized my website and more than pays for itself because I’m closing three times more leads.
Wendy @ Sky Rise Locating


The absence of property listings on your apartment locating website can result in significant missed business opportunities. Users will have difficulty believing you have relationships with relevant properties, resulting in frustration, and leaving your site all together. A website without searchable listings may give the impression of outdated practices, negatively impacting your overall brand perception. In a competitive rental market, lacking modern search functionalities puts you at a disadvantage, as competitors with more user-friendly websites and interactive listings are likely to attract and retain more clients.




Our innovative Apartment Map is a game-changer in the world of apartment locating. This dynamic tool seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, allowing your website visitors to search for available properties with unparalleled ease. Navigate through neighborhoods, filter by amenities, and visualize apartment locations with precision on an interactive map. Say hello to an intuitive, visually engaging experience that transforms your website visitors into a seamless, enjoyable journey.

Technical Skill: Minimal. Copy and paste an iFrame code to any existing web page.



Who knew a contact form could be so powerful? Simply copy and paste our mobile responsive contact form to any web page (or multiple web pages) to capture leads and allow your website visitors to search your IDX. The bedrooms and minimum and maximum rent entered into the contact form are used to display the IDX search results. Then your website visitors can apply more filters for washer and dryer, pets, parking, and location for a fully interactive experience. They can save properties to a list and you can see the properties they saved.

Technical Skill: Minimal. Copy and paste an iFrame code to any existing web page.



Every apartment locator should have their own website as an indispensable tool for success in the modern real estate landscape. A dedicated website provides a centralized platform to showcase your expertise, services, and property listings, establishing credibility and trust among potential clients. It offers 24/7 accessibility, allowing clients to explore listings at their convenience. A website becomes a powerful marketing tool, increasing visibility and generating leads to a wider audience through effective digital strategies. The Locator IDX comes with a customizable website to help every locator build a robust online presence and stay competitive in the dynamic world of apartment locating.

Technical Skill: Zero. Simply upload a logo and headshot and it’s ready to go.



Using the data feed from Locator IDX to maintain property listings on your apartment locating website offers unparalleled benefits. Our dynamic tool ensures real-time updates, keeping your property listings accurate for potential clients. Website visitors can confidently explore the latest available properties, enhancing their overall experience and increasing the likelihood of using your locating service. By integrating an apartment data feed you can stay at the forefront of the competitive apartment locating industry and grow your SEO easily over time by applying a freshness date to each of your listings. Implementing a robust, searchable platform is crucial for staying competitive and meeting the expectations of modern apartment seekers.

Technical Skill: Advanced. You will need to hire an experienced developer or our staff to connect the data feed to your WordPress website.


In the dynamic landscape of apartment locating, having searchable apartment listings on your website is crucial for success. A contact form doesn’t give instant gratification like an IDX. Unlike a static contact form, searchable inventory empowers users to actively engage with your website, providing them with immediate access to property options that match their criteria. This interactive approach not only enhances the user experience but also significantly boosts lead generation. Real estate agents and Realtors have long benefited from searchable MLS features on their websites, recognizing that enabling users to explore properties in real-time generates more leads. Relying solely on a static contact form is an outdated practice that fails to capitalize on the potential of converting website visitors into clients. In today’s competitive market, providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience through searchable apartment listings is not just a convenience but a necessity for driving business growth and staying ahead of your competitors.

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