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New Orleans Apartment Database

Do you need a database of New Orleans apartments for your product or service? The Locator IDX can be used in a variety of ways to generate rental leads or boost SEO to your website. The apartment map can be added to a real estate website to help people who need to rent while they clean up their credit or save for a down payment. Moving companies can add the apartment map to their website to provide quotes to renters who need to move to a new apartment. Insurance agencies can use the apartment map to quote renters insurance. If your business needs an New Orleans apartment database to generate leads or promote your services, the Locator IDX has every data tool with one subscription.


This market requires each apartment locator to negotiate a commission agreement directly with the apartment community. You can send an email template and commission agreement from our system to the property manager. The property manager can sign electronically and enter their commission rate directly into the database.

Real Estate Agents

Are you an real estate agent or apartment locator? Locator IDX is a suite of products for apartment locating professionals.

Moving Company's

Customize the apartment map to find renters who need to move from one apartment to another. Capture contact information and move dates so you can easily provide a quote.

Insurance Agency's

Customize the apartment map to find renters who need renters insurance. Most apartments require renters insurance before move in, our map can display a quote for each apartment.

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