5 Ways Our CRM

Will Increase Your Revenue


"Jodi built my website several years ago so when she asked me to collaborate on the Locator IDX, I was happy to help. I feel very empowered by the CRM we created. I am hopeful and excited about 2023! The automation helps me streamline my process. I now close more deals each month and keep my pipeline full. Her advice & skill helped me become the apartment locator I always knew I was but I just didn't have the systems to make it happen."
Shae Hatter @ Dallas Apartment Finders
"I contacted Jodi in 2021 needing locating software in Charlotte, NC. A guy built a database for me many years ago, but it no longer worked and keeping it updated was a nightmare. In less than 4 weeks, Jodi designed a working database with every apartment in Charlotte. She responds to our changes quickly, she's passionate about helping people, and she has an idea or solution for everything. Collaborating with Jodi is a game changer."
Cheryl Murphy @ Click Pack Move
"We've been working with Jodi since 2019. We had an aggressive business plan for our locating business in Denver but we couldn't find a data provider that could scale with us. Jodi not only delivered the data we needed but has valuable expertise in the apartment locating industry. She is a goldmine of information and our collaboration with Jodi helped us become profitable faster. She doesn't have a one-size-fits-all mentality. She believes in creating the right solution at all costs. I love not being put in a box."
John @ Rent Flare



Salesmate is a high functioning, low-cost locating CRM we’ve been recommending to locators for years. In our new collaboration, we’ve designed a custom apartment locating CRM within Salesmate that is only accessible to our IDX clients. A Salesmate subscription is $30/month for their “Growth” plan after a two week free trial.


Duplicate your time

As a business owner, you should focus exclusively on income producing activities. With our CRM you can create a sequence to automatically send follow-up texts & emails to clients or leasing staff after a specific number of days. New incoming leads can be contacted by your CRM with a preliminary list from your IDX. Automating simple tasks will duplicate your time so you can focus on complex tasks that require your personal attention.


Commission Automation

The commission collection program from the National Association of Apartment Locators explains the quick timeline you need to follow for invoice collection. If you procrastinate, your chances of getting paid decrease significantly. With our CRM you can create a sequence to email an invoice automatically on a specific date. If the commission isn’t received, an automatic follow-up email on day 31 and day 45. By sending email from the CRM you can see when the email is opened and if the manager clicked the link to view the invoice.


Predictable Income

Having a centralized CRM and integrated lead generation system gives you the power to predict your income. With our CRM you can assign each incoming lead to a deal. Each deal in the CRM has an estimated commission amount. The CRM pipeline displays each commission amount and your estimated income for the next 30, 60, and 90 days. Seeing your pipeline in black and white will show you exactly how many leads you need to generate to reach your income goals.


Nurture long term leads

Do you find yourself losing deals because you run out of time to follow up with leads who aren’t moving for 60 or 90 days? With our CRM you can create a sequence of texts and emails to be sent automatically on specific days to nurture leads and keep them in your pipeline.


Control your contact database

If your broker controls access to your CRM, you don’t have control over your business. Even if you export contact phone numbers and email addresses, you lose the transaction history that can be instrumental in repeat and referral business. Automate your revenue by setting up your own CRM that you control and becomes your business asset.

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