Contact CRM

Our CRM updates your apartment lists automatically. Our Real Time Pricing feature updates the price on every apartment list when the price changes in our database. You never need to go back and “update” your lists, our system does it for you.


Yes. The CRM has a simple search screen to add apartments to a list.

Yes. Only properties paying a commission show up in the search but you can enter a minimum commission rate to narrow your search even more.

Yes. The apartment name is always shown to locators on the back-end. If you purchase our Front-End Search products, you control when and if the apartment names are shown to your contacts. Options to show the apartment names are: (1) always, (2) only after registration, and (3) only after I turn them on manually for each contact & apartment list.

Yes. On each contact we have pre-written 30, 60, & 90 day follow up sequences you can turn on to automatically nurture contacts. You control which emails your contacts receive.

We purchase data feeds from property management software compaies and we built our own proprietary system to pull data directly from the apartment community websites.

We import data every night at midnight. We cannot control how often the property updates their rent but everytime it is updated, our database is updated.

Unfortunately, property managers do not enter their commission rate in a public data feed so there is no way to mass update commissions. Commissions are the most challenging piece of data we collect. (1) We email the property with a free link to update their commission. (2) Each locator can update the commission rate from the CRM. (3) The National Association of Apartment Locators has a free commission database where properties can update their commission online.

Our goal is to update commissions monthly. Unfortunately, commissions can’t be updated electronically so we can’t guarantee it. Some properties never change their commission and some properties update frequently through our free online portal. Luckily, some locators update the commission through their CRM and we work with the National Association of Apartment Locators to regularly email properties asking to confirm their commission. When you use our CRM to create an apartment list, we actively ask those properties to confirm their commission since the best time to ask is when a locator has a pending referral.

No. Each IDX is linked to one real estate license, email address, licensee name, and phone number. You don’t want to confuse contacts by changing the name on the account because it will show on the apartment list and front-end tools. By closing just one lead per month generated by the IDX, you cover the cost many times over.

We build team options on a case by case basis. Every team needs something different so we will meet with your team leaders and design team features based on your specific needs.

It means when the data changes in our database, it also changes in our products. The apartment map, data feed, and CRM always displays the most recent data.

No. Our data does not include availability. Only the leasing office can predict availability for a renters specific move date. Property owners will never grant real estate agents access to availability.

No. It’s a month to month service.

Price Changes

When the price changes in our database, it changes on your lists automatically.

Drip Marketing

Close more deals with 30, 60, 90 day pre-written email sequences.

Client Created Lists

See the properties your leads and contacts save to their list.

Predictive Search

The system uses the properties saved on the list to find similar properties.

NAAL Forms

Send NAAL Guest Cards and Lease Verification forms to property managers.

Deal Sheet

Capture the property managers signature on the Lease Verification.


Invoice reminders are sent to the manager using the NAAL Commission Collection Guide.


Add time stamped notes to each contact to track the transaction.

Compare listings