Online Rental Leads

Pick properties from our Apartment MLS and our system will publish a generic listing for you on national rental websites like and Legally compliant and clearly states you are an apartment locator who helps renters find an apartment. No spoofing addresses or deceptive marketing of any kind. Full disclosures and disclaimers for fair housing are automatically included on each listing.

What Sets Our Online Leads Apart

Every lead has a phone number and email address. Duplicate leads are deleted. If an email address is already in our system with any locator, it’s deleted. You pick your own properties so you only get leads for the properties you want. If you receive a lead without a phone number, we give you the lead for free and our email auto-responder attempts to obtain the phone number for you.

No. For simple accounting purposes, every locator must purchase a package of 50 leads @ $5/lead = $250. You pick the properties you want to advertise. Some locators advertise a few select properties and it takes 2-3 months to get 50 leads. Some locators advertise hundreds of properties and receive 50 leads in 2-3 weeks. There is no way for us to predict how many leads you will receive since you pick the properties yourself.

Yes. We understand how important a phone number is to locators. We used to delete leads without a phone number but we came up with a better option. Now we offer an email auto-responder so if you receive a lead without a phone number, we give you the lead for free and our email auto-responder attepts to obtain the phone number via email. You only pay for leads with a phone number so the free leads increase your ROI.

Yes. An email address is a required field so every lead includes an email. 

It’s up to you. An email auto-responder is included in the cost of leads but if you have a CRM set up to opt-in leads, you can turn our auto-responder off.

Yes, if you purchse the Contact CRM. When an online lead opts-in from the email auto-responder the lead is converted to an IDX contact so they can search and save their favorite properties. If you don’t purchase the Contact CRM, the online lead can still use the IDX but you won’t be able to see the properties they save to a list.

Yes. If you don’t want to use our email auto-responder, you can forward the leads to your existing CRM. We have a plain text email that can be parsed with Zapier and inserted into any CRM.

It’s pretty simple. We are a verified data provider allowed to publish apartment listings to a few national rental websites. Similar to a Realtor who enters a new listing in the MLS, that listing is then published to You pick apartment listings from our MLS, we publish them, and you receive the lead when someone fills out the contacct card.

Absolutely. There is nothing deceptive or illegal about online leads. The listing does not pretend to be the apartment community or it’s management. It clearly states you are an apartment locator and the availability of the floor plan depends on the move date. The rent is guaranteed by our MLS so you never need to worry about advertising an out of date price. Every national rental website is simply a lead generator, camoflauged as an apartment search engine. Their entire purpose is to generate leads and they rely on companies like ours to populate their listings. The more listings they have, the more leads they generate. Our listings offer complete transparency to the renter so there is no deception of any kind. This is not a “real estate listing” it’s an advertisement of your locating service.


When a new online lead comes in, you receive an email notification with the name, phone number, email address, property they are interested in, and price range.

The online lead receives a series of three (3) emails explaining the benefits of working with a locator and asking them to opt-in.

This accomplishes three things:

  1. Converts a cold online lead to a hot lead who is interested in working with a locator.
  2. Weeds out time wasters who are not serious about moving or aren’t interested in working with a locator.
  3. Adds them to your IDX contacts so they can search your IDX and are automatically assigned to the next email sequence.

Effortless Lead Generation

Significantly expands your reach, ensuring exposure to a vast audience of local renters who need to move in the next 90 days.

  1. Pick any property from our apartment MLS so you only get leads from the properties you want.
  2. You can pick locator friendly or no commission properties depending on how many leads you want to generate.
  3. The system tells you which listing they are inquiring about but you can show them every property with availability on their move date.
  4. The listings comply with all real estate advertising rules.
  5. We publish a listing for the studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom floor plan at every property you pick.
  6. Our data feed updates the rent price on your listings every day to keep your listings on top of the search results.
  7. We don’t sell the same lead to more than one locator. Duplicates are deleted.
  8. You only pay for leads with a phone number and email address.
  9. Leads without a phone number are free but our email auto-responder attempts to get the phone number for you.

Effective Advertising

We were located in Houston for 21+ years so we are very familiar with TREC and it’s advertising rules. We also founded the National Association of Apartment Locators so we would never promote a deceptive product. The listings clearly state you are a locator and the property may or may not have availability based on their move date.

  • Your name (or agents name), broker name, contact information and license number is published on every listing.
  • It is clearly stated you are a real estate agent and not posing as the apartment community.
  • The name of the property is not published but the address is required. These are not ghost listings; they are actual apartment communities with true and accurate available units for rent.
  • The studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom rent is updated daily.
Online leads create steady income in addition to my repeat and referral clients. On average, I am able to get about 80% of Jodi's online leads into giving my service a chance, and approximately 15-20% of those leads into leases. I've been buying Jodi's leads for 5+ years. She's the best in the business!

Instant Access to Online Leads

Purchase 50 online leads for $250. This is not a monthly recurring charge, it’s a single purchase of $250. After you receive 50 leads you can renew or cancel your account.

If you already have a Rental Advisors or Locator IDX account, do not use this form. Login to your account and choose “Add Products” from your home page.

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