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Online leads are a consistent source of income throughout the year in addition to your website and social media. National rental websites spend millions of dollars a year to drive traffic to their sites. They count on companies like Locator IDX to populate their site with accurate apartment listings. Online leads shouldn’t be your primary source of apartment leads, but they should be in the mix because you can profit from the traffic these national rental websites generate.

Low Cost Per Lead

We charge $250 for 50 leads ($5 per lead). The average cost of pay per click rental leads online are $40 - $48.

No Committment

We automatically renew your 50 leads when you have 5 leads remaining. You can cancel the renewal at any time for any reason.

Pick Your Properties

Pick any property from the Apartment MLS, that way you only receive leads from the properties you want.

Online leads create steady income in addition to my repeat and referral clients. On average, I am able to get about 80% of Jodi's online leads into giving my service a chance, and approximately 15-20% of those leads into leases. I've been buying Jodi's leads for 3+ years.

Budget Friendly

The average pay-per-click rental lead is $40-$48. We charge $5 per lead and you can cancel at any time.

Quality Leads

Every lead includes an email, phone number, and is looking for an apartment in the next 90 days.

No Data Entry

The Apartment MLS populates your listings and keeps them updated daily to keep them on top of the search results.

Pick Your Properties

Pick any property from the Apartment MLS, that way you only receive leads from the properties you want.

CRM Integration

Increase your conversion rate by extracting lead capture info and inserting it into your CRM, texts and emails.

Legally Compliant

We follow all real estate advertising rules for real estate agents. National rental websites count on us to populate their site with accurate apartment listings.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken some of the most common questions and laid them out for you

Unfortunately we don’t know exactly how many leads you will receive. The national rental websites don’t share that information with us. As of October 1, 2023 each locator is receiving 30-40 leads per month. That number will naturally decrease in the winter and increase in the summer.

No. Every locator has their own account so you can add and remove properties whenever you want.

Yes. You can pick any property from the Apartment MLS. Even if the renter inquires about a no locator property, you still provide other properties that match their criteria that are paying a commission. Lead generation finds people that need an apartment, you refer them to locator friendly properties.

Yes. National rental websites are apartment search engines. Their primary function is to generate leads and sell them to apartment communities. They count on companies like ours to populate their site with accurate listings. The more listings, the more traffic, and the more leads they generate. We have an excellent reputation for accurate data. We follow all state and local real estate advertising rules. Your company, name, phone, website, and contact information is published on each listing and the legal address is used. The name of the apartment is not published so it does not appear you are the property management company or apartment community. It’s the exact same process Realtors use to publish their listings to Zillow and

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